What do you do when you find yourself suddenly attracted to someone other than your spouse?

Most adulterers do not set out to commit adultery. In fact, 90% of interviewees described their experience with extra marital affair as “blindsided,” “shocked,” and “never saw it coming.” Is it possible for a person to be “ignorantly and innocently” prepared for adultery? To the point that they cannot resist the infatuation? The answer is “yes” and the set-up, the sources, and the sequence that lead people to commit adultery will be covered in this book, Anatomy of an Affair.

Inside the book you’ll discover:

  • 19 characteristics of Close Call Friendships
  •   8 areas of your Dangerous Partner Profile
  •   3 most likely sources of affair partners
  •  The development of the “Infatuation Trigger”
  •  The High Risk Factors
  •   8 skills to help protect your marriage

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