Radio Interviews

10/19/17 – The Debbie Chavez Show
Learn how affairs slowly and subtly develop even among Christian couples, and learn how you can prevent an affair!
What Causes Affairs and How to Prevent One

10/17/17 – My Faith Radio
We’d like to thank Dave Carder for another great interview this week on Faith Radio! He shared helpful, encouraging advice for our couples on how to protect our marriages from infidelity and honor the spouse God has given to us. Many of our listeners called in during the show with much appreciation and look forward to reading his latest book Anatomy of an Affair!

09/18/17 – My Faith Radio
Have you ever thought about adultery and said to yourself, “that will never happen to me?” According to Dave Carder, when it comes to adultery, the worst thing we could ever think is that we are immune. He says that when we think our marriage is safe from adultery we more at risk than we’ve ever been.


10/31/17 – Hallels
Author Dave Carder Talks About How We Can Affair-Proof Our Marriages in this Exclusive Interview

5 Types of Affairs and How to Protect Your Marriage Against Them