Ministering in a large church, I have seen where the similar interests and gifts that volunteers bring to service for Jesus often put spouses from different marriages on the same ministry team. These ministry friendships can easily become too personal over time and Close Calls addresses how to protect both the marriages and the ministry. As men and women interact more together at work, in the gym, in recreation, their children’s sports, etc., attractions often naturally surface that can highlight unmet needs in the individual. Rather than deny their existence, Close Calls, drawing upon the difficult experiences of those who misused this attraction, provides direction on how to use these experiences to enrich your marriage.

Bob Baker, MDiv., MFT
Chief of Staff
Saddleback Church
Mission Viejo, CA


This book will make you happy to be part of the human race. It’s true humans aren’t perfect, and many stumble and fall. But Close Calls is filled with loving, practical advice that reminds us that humans are willing and eager to reach back and help others avoid destruction – find their way around the landmines. It will help you avoid the danger of complacency and, even better gives you the step-by-step path to protect your love, your marriage, your family, your dignity and your integrity.

Diane Sollee
Smart Marriages



What in the world?

I just got done reading the first chapter of your book last night and we were off to the races in our conversation (all good.) My wife Stephanie and I talk with each other a lot on a regular basis… but last night was different. It is like your book punctured a gusher or something and we began to see the “dark side of the moon.” Beyond that, we were able to succinctly state a few things that we need more of from each other. Seriously, I never knew she specifically wants me to laugh at her more. I thought I laughed plenty! But the nuance was in my timing and in the scenario. I don’t know what else could have helped us cut through to the heart of the conversation.

It was 11:15 p.m. last night when we said we simply had to stop talking to ensure at least a decent night sleep. It was 5 to midnight before we actually did.

Thanks. It was out of this world. And tonight I pick up on chapter two.

Pastor Daniel & Stephanie Gutierrez
Marriage Matters