Four Classes of Affairs
Mapping Affairs and Recovery from Them

Affair Disclosed & Affair Processed

For the Spouse

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The page numbers reflect the 2008 edition of the TA WORKBOOK, not the book itself. There is a section on Affair Type that will require the group leader to be familiar with the book. Also, I have added the section from Close Calls, chapter 1, that seems to be important for couples to know about as they go through the various talking exercises.

Each spouse must have their own workbook (2 per couple) in order to do the prep work for the various talking exercises, forgiveness process, etc. On page 145 of the workbook is the list of homework exercises with corresponding page numbers in the workbook. Most of the assignments are done at home and the time in the group is spent as follows:

1. Start with large group review of last week’s homework, 2. Break out to their small group (3-5 couples) reviewing the homework (uses rotating facilitators from within the small group) 3. Regather for next week’s assignments and report back from small group 4. Dismissal with a public recitation of the Serenity Prayer.

I usually charged $40 per couple and the best length is 90 minutes. In the first meeting I go over standard group rules, sign the contract (workbook, p. 10), provide freedom to leave the group if overcome with emotion, but encourage very strongly how important it is for one to stay if at all possible-everybody in the group needs each other. I only do groups with heterosexual infidelity and sober 90 days (with required attendance in an SA group) for SA couples. Any other “kind” of infidelity just seems to distract some of the individuals. I used to do interviews with couples before group placement, but haven’t lately. Dave



Dangerous Partner Profile

  • Internal Age
  • Developmental Lag
  • Personality Style
  • Hobbies / Interest
  • Attachment Pattern
  • FOR Deficit
  • Marital Void
  • Pursuit Pattern

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