Friendship Profile

Below is a sample of the nineteen characteristics of platonic friendships that can get one in trouble after sustained stress:

  • Do you save topics of conversation for your friend because you feel they understand you better?
  • Do you find yourself looking forward to seeing your friend more than you look forward to seeing your spouse?
  • Are you spending money on your friendship for lunches, gifts, coffee, that your spouse is unaware of?
  • Are you and your spouse in conflict over this friendship?
  • Do you find yourself lying and or manipulating the truth in order to spend more time with this friend?
  • Are you hiding receipts, cell phone bills, mail, gifts, and time spent with your friend from your spouse?
  • Has your friend shared feelings for you or touched you in a way that created a shiver of infatuation in you?
  • Do you do any of the following with this friend: travel, go to entertainment venues, drink alcohol, eat expensive meals, and return to the same hotel together, all in the name of doing business and entertaining clients?