The Contract

The workbook is designed to stabilize the marriage during the trauma of infidelity. The work that a couple is going to do in the workbook needs to be done whether the marriage is salvaged or ends in divorce.

This contract is a commitment to this process. It is not a commitment to the marriage. This work has to be done whether a couple stays married or not. If you as a couple will do this work now, at this time, you will save yourself from doing it on the front porch in front of all your neighbors or in front of a Judge with a pair of adversarial attorneys charging you $600 and hour and up! I tell couples all the time, “Save yourself $10,000.00 and work hard over the next 10 weeks”.

I do need to make clear that signing this contract is a commitment to this process, not to saving the marriage. Signing this will keep you engaged when the going gets rough. It will become difficult, but this process will be before ever viewed as helpful regardless of whether or not you save the marriage.