What do you do when you find yourself suddenly attracted to someone other than your spouse?

In this culture, it will happen to everyone. The more men and women work together, minister together, volunteer together, exercise together, have fun together, the more likely these attractions will surface. They are normal. In and of themselves, they’re not wrong. But they can lead an individual into wrong behavior.

They come from three sources: a platonic friendship that is not now nor ever has been erotic in nature; the Dangerous Partner Profile template, and finally an “old flame” from adolescence.

When you engage in any one of these relationship sources after a severe and sustained period of stress (2 years), you are at risk for infidelity.  The platonic friendship suddenly becomes a source of nurturance beyond its original intention.  The dangerous partner profile contains all those “bits and pieces” of your life; the family of origin voids, the hobbies and interests you admire, the marital dissatisfaction, the personality style you need now, the attachment pattern you have always wanted, etc. The “old flame” already has a history of shared passion with you. We never forget adolescent loves, music, cars, sports, etc

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